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Cydia download – Must have Cydia tweaks on your jailbroken device — October 24, 2016

Cydia download – Must have Cydia tweaks on your jailbroken device

You may be concerned of the deferred jailbreak. Certainly you have missed a lots of be obliged to have Cydia tweaks that we have scheduled here. Though remaining for the upcoming murmuring Cydia download iOS 10, enjoy the device through its bountiful tweaks that already given on your hand. As usually, Cydia sources are being conjunction many freshest and enhancing tweaks that you would be keen on to have with your device features.


However, reporters articulate that the Apple Corporation will officially mark the iOS 10.1 download on 25th Tuesday. From then we will be able to see more revolutionizes from the jailbreak community for their much-loved jailbreak fans. And at this time, the list that you must install tweaks as a jailbroken user will open for you.

Must have jailbreak apps

3D notifications


This is the download Cydia tweak which allows 3D touch affection on pop up notifications. Thus without leave you current usage, you can check informed one and do any action simply.

Apex 2


Apex 2 in our next suggestion which make you easier to grouping similar apps you are using in a single icon.



Apendix Cydia tweak too is another 3D touch supportive app and that brings the relationship on your device folders. You can wipe a finger on the relevant app and open through 3D touch.

Auxo 3


Want to corporate the App switcher and the Control center? It will be cool to open both in a single page. Then use Auxo 3 which is already with your Cydia install app.



You can simply know about your battery capacity, temperature, cycles and the ddevice charge using BatteryLife jailbreak app.


Although not have forceful features, Cream is a popular tweak supports to handle the Control Centre. It displays similar icons of Apple watch. This will be cool when its collaborate with some other tweaks.



You can use the tweak Dynamics to customize your wallpaper shapes of bubbles with some other your preferred one. You can reach the feature through WinterBoard once the tweak will installed.



DeleteCut is useful to erase the entire word from your text with a single click. This is similar to your stock Delete function of the iOS. Thus, you can switch between normal function and the tweak feature whenever you want.



This movement let its users to custom several useful elements and even the device appearance. You can arrange your preferred colors, effects, App switcher alignments and animations.



Personal assistant is very valuable to bring together details from varies apps on your Home screen. Music, temperature, Shortcuts and further more will be there. In fact, the tweak rotates your Lock screen into an assisting peak.



Simply manage and custom your app switcher, folders, locks screen, App switcher and the rest you frequently use with the Spintomize one of well known jailbroken manager.

iCleaner Pro


It deletes unexploited apps and caches to clear up the device storage. You will free up your device memory without any complicated downloading the free tweak iCleaner Pro.


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